Made in the USA

Since 1980, QMT Windchimes® has been crafting fine hand-tuned windchimes with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.  We manufacture our chimes in Manassas Park, Virginia and source our raw materials from US lumber and aluminum mills so that from start to finish, our chimes are Proudly Made in the USA. 

Windchime Tubes

First, each pipe is manufactured to the specific diameter and thickness of its chime.  The metallic finishes are then anodized, while the color finishes are powder coated with our designer formulas.  We then cut the pipe to their tube lengths, drill the holes for the pins or cord, and bevel the pipe’s ends for a smooth edge.  Each pipe is then hand-tuned and adjusted if necessary. 

Wooden Bases, Strikers, and Wind Sails

The wood components for our Shenandoah Melodies®, Arias Elite®, Arias®, Weatherland®, and Festival®. Windchimes are hand-crafted from rough-cut lumber in our Manassas Park woodshop.  We purchase our Oak, Cedar, Walnut, Cherry and Redwood from US lumber mills.  The lumber is cut, planed, sanded and varnished to produce the variety of components and sizes needed for our wide selection of chimes.

Birdhouses & Birdfeeders

Our Mountain View® Birdhouses and Birdfeeders are hand-crafted from rough-cut Redwood lumber in our Manassas Park woodshop. The wood is molded and embossed with eye-catching designs, cut to length, and then varnished to beautify and protect the wood. 


Each of our chimes is packaged in its own designer gift box.  Our windchime boxes both protect our chimes during shipping and provide an attractive gift package.  Like our windchimes, our boxes are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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